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Visa on Arrival (VOA)

This visa means that it is valid when foreign national arrived in the countries. If you are a citizen of foreign countries, you can enter Malaysia and get a Malaysia Visa on arrival (VOA) if you meet specific criteria. Usually, getting a Malaysian visa takes a long time, and you must submit all the necessary paperwork and documents at the Embassy or Consulate of Malaysia. However, the government of Malaysia has made it easier for several foreign nationals to get a visa by introducing an online Visa application facility. In addition, Indian and Chinese citizens can also get a Malaysian Visa on arrival. However, a visa on arrival is not available in all cases.

Can Indians Arrive and Apply for a Visa to Malaysia?

Yes, you can get a Malaysian visa on arrival for Indians. However, it is up to the immigration authorities to decide whether to grant the Visa on arrival. The VOA program permits eligible applicants to apply for a visa upon arrival. However, some specific criteria and requirements have to be fulfilled. The immigration official at the port has the ultimate authority to grant or reject the Visa. There have been cases where Indian passengers were denied a visa on arrival at the airport. Due to this, they had to cancel their travel plans and stay in hotels. In some cases, they were even deported. Therefore, we strongly advise Indian traveler to apply for Visa before traveling.

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Who Can Apply For A Visa To Malaysia At The Airport?

 Indian nationals must fulfil the following requirements to be eligible for a Malaysia visa upon arrival:

  • VOA Malaysia applications are only accepted from citizens of China and India.
  • If they travel directly from India to Malaysia, Indian people cannot obtain a VOA.
  • To obtain a VOA Malaysia, you must possess a visa from Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, or Brunei.
  • Please have proof of funds for at least in cash, a credit or debit card, for their stay.
  • A return flight to India or a subsequent flight to a different nation
  • You are only permitted to stay in Malaysia for 15 days.

In the end, applying for a Malaysia e-visa is a more secure choice than obtaining a visa at the airport. You can go directly to Malaysia without standing in a queue, without passing via one of the nations mentioned above. 

Document Required For An Indian Visa On Arrival To Malaysia

To prove your eligibility for a Malaysia Visa On Arrival for Indians in Malaysia, you must submit the following documents:

  • The size of a passport photo, and at least six months should pass after the departure date on the passport bio-data page.
  • A sufficient amount of funding must be demonstrated. You must have in cash, a credit/debit card, a traveler’s check, or any other form of e-payment that Bank Negara Malaysia approves.
  • Evidence of lodging in Malaysia.
  • Confirmed booking for a return flight.

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How Do I Apply For A Visa To Malaysia Upon Arrival?

The visa-on-arrival application procedure is less complicated than other visa applications. Here is what you need to do when you get to Malaysia:

  • Visit our website page.
  • Complete the application.
  • Send the application form and the necessary documentation.
  • Pay the visa fee.
  • It would help if you waited a while for your application to be accepted. You are free to enter Malaysia if it is accepted.

It may take some time to wait in line to apply for and receive a Visa on Arrival, and approval is not assured. So, you can apply for a Visa online within a few seconds and wait for visa approval.


A Malaysian Visa on arrival allows you to stay in the country for seven days. This type of Visa does not allow you to extend your stay. You must provide evidence, such as a valid flight ticket, to get the Visa. Therefore, if you must stay for an extended period, apply for a Malaysia eVisa from our website.

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What happens if your Malaysia VOA is rejected?

You cannot enter the country under the VOA program if your application is rejected. When you arrive at your port of entry, the immigration officer will inform you of the rejection. You must return to your country of origin or your last place of departure. Therefore, we strongly advise Indians to get their Malaysia eVisa before travel instead of applying for Malaysia VOA.

What is the process for obtaining a visa on arrival for Malaysia?

At the Malaysia point of entry, you must go to a visa counter and present the following paperwork while paying a processing fee. After reviewing your application, the Malaysian authorities will decide whether you are permitted to enter or not.