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Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) is one of the world’s most famous investor visa programmes. Around 35,000 applications have been authorized. Although most applications are from China, the initiative is popular in Japan, Bangladesh, and the United Kingdom.

The Malaysia MM2H Golden Visa scheme is open to all nationals. Candidates must have at least USD 125,000 as an asset, and a monthly income should be at least USD 2,500. However, a portion of this amount may be taken for eligible acquisitions such as real estate after one year.

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According to a poll, there is a high degree of satisfaction among those who migrated to Malaysia through the MM2H initiative.

Most applicants who are granted an MM2H visa do not move to Malaysia. People enroll in the programme for various reasons, not all of which involve moving here. Others come from unsafe nations and want the security of having another country to relocate to if the need arises. Others merely used to have their kids attend the local schools. The survey received responses from people in 31 countries, giving us vital information about their daily lives and attitudes towards Malaysia and the MM2H initiative. If you like to read the article directly, you will understand it.

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Effects of the MM2H Programme on the Economy

The MM2H initiative has brought Malaysia a total of RM40.6 billion in revenue since the beginning of the year. The following sources account for the majority of the income:

  • Fees for submission and approval
  • buying a property
  • medical procedures
  • Deposits in banks
  • Tourism
  • Other acquisitions

Through revenue collection and purchases of goods and services made by foreigners enrolled in the MM2H programme, the programme has successfully accelerated the nation’s economic growth.

How to apply for My Second Home (MM2H)?

You can apply directly by completing the MM2H application form on our official website or contacting us for further details. Submissions from third parties are not allowed. Direct candidates should drop off their applications at the MM2H desk or through courier.

If you want to apply through an agency, go through licensed agents who charge a fee for their services. The add-on dependent application adds dependents not included as the principal’s dependents in the first MM2H application. Spouses, unmarried children under 21, parents, and parents-in-law are considered dependents.

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Who Can Eligible in MM2H?

MM2H is intended to offer long-term visas to citizens of those nations, regardless of their race, religion, gender, or age, that Malaysia has formally recognized. There is the following for eligibility:

  • There will be two age groups, around 35 to 49 and 50 and older, for participants.
  • Candidates must remain in the country for at least 90 days per year.
  • Possess a monthly income from abroad of at least RM 40,000.
  • Keep an RM1 million fixed deposit account with a maximum withdrawal of 50% of the principal amount permitted for things like buying a home, paying for health care, and paying for school.
  • Each dependent must have an additional RM50,000 in their fixed deposit account.
  • Evidence of liquid assets totaling at least RM 1.5 million
  • Subject to a yearly pass price of RM 500
  • With an RM5,000 processing fee for the primary applicant and an extra RM2,500 for each dependent

Does MM2H Mean Malaysia have A Permanent Visa?

Many people are uncertain whether MM2H is the only path to a permanent visa for Malaysia. You may be granted access for up to five years if you meet the requirements for the MM2H programme. 

What Takes Place After You Are Accepted?

If everything goes according to schedule, you will get a conditional approval letter and confirmation that your application has been accepted. The remaining requirements, like medical insurance, must be carried out when you travel to Malaysia alone and have a six-month time.

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