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Permanent Residence

A person granted the privilege to stay in Malaysia without restriction is a permanent resident. Although the person is a citizen of another country, Malaysia has given them permanent resident status. It entails fewer restrictions on you as a temporary resident and the end to visa renewals. Of course, fewer boundaries do not imply a lack of them, which throws up the following query.

Getting a PR is typically the next step for many foreigners who have already established a home or career in Malaysia. However, the process of obtaining a Malaysian Permanent Residence might be challenging. And given the variety of residency possibilities available, some might wonder if getting a PR is worthwhile. This article addressed your inquiries about what obtaining a PR in Malaysia entails and the procedure for doing so.

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Who Can Receive A PR In Malaysia?

There are several methods to get permanent residency in Malaysia, such as an investor, expert, professional, or the spouse of a Malaysian citizen.


  • If you are an investor, you must have a minimum USD 2 million fixed deposit in any Malaysian bank that can only be withdrawn after five years.
  • After five years of residing in Malaysia, your spouse and minor children may also be qualified for permanent residency, but only if you have a Malaysian sponsor and satisfy additional conditions.


  • The Expert category of Malaysia PR visas demands remarkable abilities and knowledge deemed “World Class” by any global organization.
  • A certificate of good behavior from the applicant’s place of origin and a recommendation from an appropriate Malaysian agency is required.
  • A Malaysian sponsor must support the applicant’s application form.


  • You are eligible for this category if you are an expert in any field.
  • A reference from our official Malaysian website is required.
  • To qualify, you must have a certificate of good behavior from your native country.
  • You must be qualified and have at least three years of experience working in Malaysia’s public or private sector.
  • A Malaysian sponsor is required to vouch for your application.

Malaysian citizen’s spouse

  • If you are granted a long-term visitor pass and remain in Malaysia without interruption for five years
  • If your spouse is a citizen of Malaysia
  • There must also be a “Surat Akuan Perkahwinan” provided.
  • Your sponsor has to be your spouse.
  • Any children under six must have sponsorship from their parents, who must be Malaysian citizens.

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Point System

Each applicant is given a score based on seven different factors, including

  • Age,
  • Qualifications,
  • Duration of stay in Malaysia,
  • Familiarity with Malaysian institutes,
  • The value of investments,
  • Working experience in Malaysia,
  • Proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia.

Financial Eligibility

  • Earn RM40,000.00 a month, or RM480,000 a year, in offshore income.
  • Open a USD1,000,000 fixed deposit account with a Malaysian bank with a license.
  • To pay the RM200,000 Principal Participation Fee and the RM100,000 Dependent Participation Fee.


The Immigration Department of Malaysia in Putrajaya must be contacted when you intend to apply for Malaysian permanent residency. You will be given a document checklist and all the necessary forms to complete.

Once you have all the paperwork on the checklist, you must turn it into the immigration office. The required documents could alter based on your particular situation, but they usually consist of the following:

  • Form IMM.4 for applications
  • Two photos in passport size of your sponsor
  • Customized cover letter
  • Malaysia’s Relevant Agency’s Recommendation 
  • For spouses of Malaysian nationals, a Marriage Decree Letter
  • copy of the employment permit 
  • copy of the marriage license
  • copies of your children’s birth certificates
  • A detailed copy of your passport
  • Any further supporting documentation for your application, such as evidence of finances or health insurance, etc.

You must additionally have a sponsor in Malaysia. Any Malaysian citizen over the age of 21 may serve as the sponsor. Both you and the sponsor must be present when you apply for the Entry Permit.

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How do I apply for PR in Malaysia?

You must submit your permanent residence (entry permit) application to Malaysia’s Immigration Department in Putrajaya. The application must be submitted in person, not by mail or online, while you are in Malaysia.

After submitting your application, you must conduct a background check with the police and an interview with the immigration department. Even you can apply for evisa through our website pages.

Benefits of Malaysian Permanent Residence

Although PR in Malaysia does not grant you the same rights as Malaysian citizens, such as the right to vote or the ability to participate in political and governmental affairs, there are still several advantages, including:

  • You can work and switch jobs and employers without applying for an employment permit.
  • You could launch your own company.
  • Property can be purchased.
  • Without a visa, you can visit Malaysia without restriction.
  • Your permission does not need to be renewed every few years.