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Transit Visa

You may be planning to travel to a destination. The following flight and layover will take place in Malaysia. You will need to preboard your plane on the second leg. Malaysian airports are legal entry points for travelers and tourists. Citizens of certain countries are not required to obtain a Malaysia transit visa to travel through Malaysia.

About Transit Visa

A Malaysia Transit Visa is issued to international travelers for a limited time. For instance, a transit visa may be necessary for a traveler to embark on a connecting flight at an unfamiliar airport or through an unfamiliar country. A transit visa is granted based on the individual’s nationality and destination country. In Malaysia, citizens of certain countries requiring a visa may be eligible for a Transit Pass. Furthermore, if the individual does not pass through immigration, they are not required to obtain a Transit Visa for Malaysia if they are a required national.

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Documents Required

To apply for a transit visa for Indian citizens, you must submit the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • Confirmed ticket
  • Visa for the third country
  • Financial means


This option is only available to nationals from certain countries; not all applicants can apply online. The online application process is quick and only takes 48–72 hours. You can fill out the online Form before applying for approval. If you are searching for a secure and tried-and-true platform to apply for a Malaysia Transit visa, then complete the following steps:

  • Visit our website page.
  • Make Malaysia your travel destination.
  • Select your nation.
  • Choosing a transit visa
  • Complete the application.
  • Include the paperwork needed for a transit visa.
  • Pay the visa fee
  • Submit and get approved

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Who Needs a Transit Visa for Malaysia?

If you come under one of the following categories, you require a transit visa for Malaysia:

  • A person must transit through Malaysia for more than 24 hours if they are from one of the nations whose citizens need a visa for Malaysia. 
  • If one of the following requires a foreign visitor to pass immigration:
    • Board a different flight.
    • Obtain their bags.
    • They must change between the terminals. 
  • If a Malaysian airport other than Kuala Lumpur International Airport is required for their passage, they must do so.

How Do I Obtain a Transit Visa for Malaysia?

Immigration may require passengers to board a different airplane, retrieve their luggage, or go to a different terminal. In Malaysia, passing through immigration while in transit counts as entering the nation. You must apply for a transit visa to Malaysia. A transit visa for Malaysia is issued the same way as a regular one for Malaysia. One of the following options is available for obtaining a transit visa to Malaysia:

  • Travelers must submit their applications in person at a Malaysian Representative Office Abroad, such as an Embassy, Consulate, or a designated Visa Application Center.
  • Online applications are also available to our website pages.

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What Is The Transit Without Visa (TWOV) Or Malaysia Facility?

Only inhabitants of Indian Subcontinental Countries are eligible for the Malaysia Transit Without A Visa (TWOV) option. If you intend to stay in Malaysia for longer than 120 hours or are not qualified for the TWOV option, you must apply for a transit visa. It applies to individuals wishing to leave the airport transit area while waiting for a flight, and nationals of nations ineligible for the TWOV facility.

Do I require a transit visa for airports?

Whether or not you are eligible for airport transit depends on several factors, including your country of nationality. Whether you need an airport transit visa can be determined by the Visa Advisor.