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Photo Requirements

Information about submitting a passport photo is provided in this paper. To avoid processing delays and potential problems with law enforcement personnel who may frequently request information from i-Kad regarding immigration status, institutions should follow the guidelines outlined below. It is important to note that the same photograph will be used on the Immigration Department’s system and printed on i-Kad.

About Requirements for photos

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Passport, identity card, and driver’s license photos must adhere to particular standards. There are following guidelines regarding photos.


Size of photo

  • 35 x 45 mm (width x height).

Width of face

  • 16 to 20 mm (excluding ears)

Length of face

  • Eleven years and over: between 26 and 30 mm (chin to head).
  • Under 11: between 19 and 30 mm (chin to head).


  • the head is shown in full;
  • the head should be in the center

Quality of photo

  • color
  • not older than 6 months from the date of application;
  • be a natural representation;
  • it should be sharp, contrast with sufficient detail
  • should be undamaged
  • not be reproductions or copy one
  • be printed on high-quality photos with smooth, glossy paper;
  • a minimum high resolution of approximately 400 dpi.


  • equal
  • not underexposed
  • There is no shadow/reflection on the face or background
  • no reflection caused by accessories


  • head and eyes facing forward
  • eyes horizontally aligned
  • head not leaned
  • straight shoulders


  • light gray, light blue or white;
  • plain;
  • all one color;
  • all one shade;
  • contrast sufficiently with the head.


  • eyes fully seeable;
  • glasses fully translucent;
  • no light of reflection from the glasses;
  • no shadow.

Facial appearance

  • head uncovered;
  • face fully seeable;
  • eyes fully observable.
  • Ears do not have to be visible.


  • neutral expression
  • looking straight at the camera;
  • mouth closed
  • no smiling face

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Exception for religious bases

If the head cover is worn for religious or spiritual reasons, then the head cover may be worn to take a photograph. The head cover shall be plain, one color only, and shall also contrast against the background.

Under six-year-olds are exempt


  • eyes horizontally aligned
  • head not tilted 
  • shoulders straight


  • neutral expression
  • looking straight at the camera
  • mouth closed
  • The photo mustn’t show if the child needs support. 

Exception for physical challenge or medical reasons

You may need help to meet other health requirements. If the issuing authority doubts, they can request a medical certificate as proof.