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Digital Nomad Visa – De Rantau

Malaysia recently introduced a New Digital Nomad Visa to recruit digital nomads. The goal is to make Malaysia the next Southeast Asian hub for remote workers and to strengthen the country’s digital economy.

In addition to releasing the DE Rantau Nomad Pass for qualifying foreign nationals, the country intends to promote digital nomad communities nationwide by establishing remote work hubs and co-working spaces with fast internet connections.

So, if you want to live or stay as a Digital Nomad in Malaysia, you can benefit from the low cost of living in tropical climate. Allow us to assist you with the online application procedure for the Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa, so you can enjoy the freedom of travelling the world while working remotely!

Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa Types

Many countries citizens do not require a visa to visit Malaysia for tourist or business for up to 90 days. It covers all citizens of US, EU, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. On entry, you will be given a stamp in your passport to authorize your stay.

Malaysia also grants various work and employment passes to foreigners who have found work in Malaysia. In the first instance, these have typically been provided for two years. The new digital nomad visa, which replaces the previous Professional Visit Pass, was introduced in October.

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Requirements for a Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa

A location-independent worker in the digital economy with a minimum yearly salary of $24,000 is required to obtain a Malaysia digital nomad visa. Below is a more extensive summary of the requirements and paperwork.

  • Digital nomad visa application form.
  • Your passport.
  • Identity pictures.
  • Proof of health insurance.
  • Proof of financial income
  • Evidence of remote work

Evidence of Financial Self-Sufficiency for a Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa

To begin, you must establish that you have sufficient financial resources to maintain yourself in Malaysia. The suggested documentation list is below:

  • A contract is effective for at least three months. You should provide proof of a long-term customer contract if you are a freelancer.
  • Payment or personal income statements are acceptable forms of proof of income.
  • Bank statements for the last three months and a yearly income statement from your bank are required.

The documentation requirements are flexible because the visa permits contract workers, freelancers, and business owners. However, you must demonstrate that you fulfil the minimum income standards and that your source of income is established.

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Evidence of Professional Field for a Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa

The new visa will attract digital workers to feed and build the local digital economy. One of the conditions is showing your understanding of a digital sector such as IP, digital marketing/content creation, cybersecurity, digital currencies or software development. While your employment contract may make this obvious, you should include an up-to-date résumé with your application highlighting your knowledge and Digital Field Experience.

Certificate of Insurance for a Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa

You must show proof of health or travel insurance for your except stay in Malaysia. The visa guidelines need to specify a minimum degree of coverage. Health insurance grants you access to private hospitals and institutions, which typically have quicker wait times.

No Criminal Records for a Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa

To be accepted to Malaysia on a long-term visa, you must prove that you are of “good character”, as with all permits worldwide. The format of this evidence will be issued by the country, which should be any country you have lived in for the previous five years. You will need a clean criminal background check or a letter of good conduct from local authorities. A certificate is required for worldwide usage of these documents.

What exactly is a Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa?

Digital Nomad Visas allow highly trained workers to work remotely in a country temporarily. The Malaysian Digital Nomad Visa offers individuals an excellent opportunity to work and travel nationwide. And Kuala Lumpur and the Malaysian island of Penang are two of the world’s top digital nomad destinations. Furthermore, with this visa, Digital Nomads will have access to various exciting services such as digital nomad housing, discounts, networking events, and more during their stay in Malaysia.

Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa Validity

The De Rantau Visa scheme permits qualified digital nomads to stay in Malaysia for one year per entry, with the option of renewing the visa for another year. Unlike the Malaysia Tourist Visa, it allows for multiple entries.

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How can I apply for a Malaysia Visa for Digital Nomads online?

Visas for Malaysian digital nomads must be applied online—the application process of three simple steps.

  • In the online application procedure, enter the requested information, such as your passport data, employment details, etc.
  • Check all information and select a processing time. Choose a payment option by using a debit or credit card.
  • Apply by uploading all essential documents.

Our professionals will go over your application to ensure that everything is present. You will receive an email confirmation of your accepted visa within the specified timeframe. Applying at least a month before your trip to Malaysia is best.

Who can apply for a Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa?

Only freelancers, remote workers, and independent contractors in digital fields such as IT and digital marketing are eligible. Work full-time with a non-Malaysian company to be certified for the digital nomad visa. Candidates must know the following criteria:

  • Be a remote worker, digital freelancer, or independent contractor with an active contract or active employment contract from a foreign or local company.
  • Work in the IT business as a digital marketer, UX/UI designer, digital content developer, or maker of digital creative content.

The scheme allows successful candidates to bring their spouse and child(ren) with them for an extra visa fee.